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Planting Solutions can offer a FREE online store for your event, club or organisation so that your members can order and pay for items.

You work with our design team to come up with your own product range (up to 10 products), and our technical team then sets up a FREE online store which can be standalone or integrated into your existing website or Facebook page.

Your members (or fans) can then order and have delivered their own individual products.

Contact us for further details.



VAT Rules For Print

Unless specified, all products and services sold by Planting Solutions Ltd. are subject to VAT (Value Added Tax) at the current rate of 20%.

Some printed items, however, are zero rated and we will not charge you VAT on them. The VAT rules for print are complex, but we offer the following as a guide.

As a general rule, BOOKS & BOOKLETS will not be subject to VAT. The general exception to this is where the booklet is intended to be written in. For example, question & answer books, record keeping books, work books and log books. In addition where we supply you with only part of a book such as the cover or just the inner pages then this will also attract VAT as will booklets supplied uncollated.

A printed single sheet of paper is not necessarily a leaflet for VAT purposes. For a single sheet to be classified as a zero rated leaflet then it has to fulfil certain criteria; some of which are; it must convey information or instructions, no larger than A4, be flimsy and not on board or laminated paper, to be read in the hand (ie. not hung up as a poster) and then discarded. Larger sheets can be zero rated provided they are folded down to A4 or less. If the sheet includes an area for completion then the 25% rule applies.

25% Rule
If a leaflet includes an area for the reader to complete and/or return (such as a cut out coupon, application form etc.) then it will be subject to VAT unless the area of the part to be returned is less than 25% of the printed area of the sheet. The cut out portion must be clearly defined by a dotted line or similar. Sheets which the reader returns in their entirety will always be subject to VAT.

Groups Of Leaflets
If you are having a group of leaflets printed which should be read in conjunction with each other they will definitely be subject to VAT unless collated and fastened together by us. For example if we print 3 double sided leaflets which are numbered 1-6 this will definitely make them subject to VAT.

Ancillary Charges
These are delivery charges, artwork, folding, metal plates, screening etc. Where the finished product is subject to VAT then so will these charges.


The following are just some examples of printing which ARE subject to VAT: Albums, Announcement Cards, Business Cards, Calendars, Cassette/CD Covers & Inserts, Certificates, Compliments Slips, CV's, Draw Tickets, Envelopes, Exercise Books, Forms, Greeting Cards, Index Cards, Invitation Cards, Invoices, Knitting Patterns, Letterheads, Order Books, Photocopies, Postcards, Q & A Books, Questionnaires, Receipt Books, Stationery, Tickets, Vouchers.

The following are just some examples of printing which ARE NOT subject to VAT: Accounts (Fully Printed), Advertising Leaflets (with no cut out coupon or area for completion), Books, Booklets, Catalogues, CD Booklets, Colouring Books, Directories, Fixture Lists, Instruction Manuals, Journals, Magazines, Maps, Menus, Music, Price Lists, Programmes.


If in any doubt #justAsk


Promotional Merchandise

Promotional merchandise from the creative minds at Planting Solutions Ltd. We'll come up with cost-effective and inspirational ideas to allow your business to grow through promotional merchandise and business gifts.

From desk items such as printed mugs and customised mousemats to printed pens, through to highly bespoke items such as printed bags.

The Best Free Submission Directories

It has long been recognised that lnks from other websites to yours help significantly with your rankings in the major search engines. Many companies such as, Thomson Local etc. provide directory listings which for a price will provide a link to your website.

There are still many free directories out there which provide such links as follows, submit your website to as many as possible...

So Much

Arakne Links

Classifieds 1000


Web World Index

T Section


A1 Web Directory

Synergy Directory

Nexus Directory

Best Free Websites

9 Sites

Pro Link Directory

Search Sight

1 ABC Directory

Info Listings

Our Location

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Sign and Display

With over 25 years of experience in the sign and display industry, Planting Solutions provide a wide range of cost-effective signage and display items.

At our studio in Poulton-le-Fylde near Blackpool we house large format printers, vinyl cutters and laminators to produce signs and displays of any size and description. For shop signs, window graphics, vehicle signs, exhibition displays, pavement signs, advertising hoardings, banners, posters, cafe barriers and banners, contravision, murals, digital wallpaper, signboards and more - give us a call.


Planting Solutions provide turnover-increasing and cost-effective marketing initiatives for any business.

We will usually require from you an audit of your current and past marketing activities and from there we will analyse your most effective business-generating methods. Building from that we will introduce structured and measurable marketing initiatives - to a budget - with the aim of doubling your turnover within 12 months.

Website Marketing

Your website should be a primary source of lead generation for your business, even if it is not e-commerce enabled. It is essential that your website presents your business in the right way and that it is fully compliant with all standard regulations. We will look your website's organic search optimistaion (where it ranks in the major search engines for popular keyword searches) and usually recommend changes.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media platforms work in different ways for different types of business. What is right for your business may not suit others. At the very least your business should have a Facebook Business Page and a linked Twitter account. We can manage these for you.

Email Marketing

It is essential for every business to run an effective email marketing campaign. This allows you to keep in regular touch with existing clients and prospects, keeping them up to date with news, product releases and special offers. We manage email marketing campaigns to lists from a hundred or so to tens of thousands on behalf of our clients to great effect.

Press Releases

Regular press releases are another essential part of any business's marketing mix. With years of experience of effective press release campaigns we can drive your business forward. Our press releases are tailored to reach out to relevant online and offline recipients specific to your industry, often dovetailed to specially written news articles on your website and social media platforms.

Referral Schemes

We can advise on and implement effective referral schemes for your business. These can often be as simple as gift vouchers in exchange for leads or referred sales.

Printed Brochures and Flyers

Printed information is still imperative in a modern marketing mix. We help design and advise on the distribution of your printed marketing materials.

Graphic Design

With over 20 years experience each, the creative minds at Planting Solutiions Ltd. provide an excellent and cost-effective graphic design service to our clients.

Logo Design

Does your business need a logo or are you thinking of a change? Our logo design services start from just £30 and we'll create a stunning logo for you that can be used for print, garments, web and outdoor signage.



Form Design

Forms are an integral part of business, for new enquiries through to application forms and production and picking lists. Planting Solutions provide form design services for both online and printed use. We can create interactive online forms on your website, PDF forms that you can email, or duplicate printed forms for your customer-facing employees.

Forms can also be integrated into bespoke databases for efficient data collection and reports.

Advertising Design

Call Planting Solutions to design your next newspaper / magazine advertisement, or to design your posters and banners. We'll always come up with something creative and effective.

Brochure Design

We will work with you to design a stunning brochure for your business that you can be really proud of. Pop in to take a look at some of the brochure and catalogue designs we have come up with over the years.

Garment Printing

From our studio in Poulton-le-Fylde near Blackpool we provide a range of exceptional garment printing services.

DTG - Direct To Garment Printing

Our state-of-the-art printers allow us to print incredible full colour and fine-detailed single colour images onto t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, vests, jeans, hats, bags and other types of clothing. With no set up charge and no minimum order quantity we can quickly supply anything from a single bespoke item to runs of hundreds.

Heat Transfer Printing

Utilising our wide-format vinyl cutters and solvent printers we produce high quality prints onto a variety of garments unsuitable for the dirrect to garment printing method. Heat transfer printing is used commonly for logos, names and numbers on sportswear and teamwear as well as for the printing of metallic, reflective and fluorescent logos and graphics on garments.

Dye Sublimation Printing

Using special dye sublimation inks we can print full colour onto polyester and nylon fabrics. This is commonly used for the printing of high-visibility workwear garments.


Embroidery is ideal for small logos and decals onto practically any garment.

Screen Printing

For larger orders we can normally recommend screen printing as a cost-effective garment printing method. Quantities of 50 and above are usually best-produced by this method.



Mugs In Business

Don't let your competitors take your space!

It is estimated that around 165,000,000 cups of tea and 70,000,000 cups of coffee are consumed in the UK every day, with a large percentage of these being drunk in the work place. Every member of staff has a mug, every guest of the company is offered a drink with many accepting and using a spare mug. During an 8 hour working day, a hot beverage mug will be ever-present on a desk somewhere on business premises. These are all potential 200mm wide, 90mm high advertising spaces.

These miniature billboards are ideally placed to contain messages that promote your business to your existing and potential clients. In your own premises printed mugs should be used to show your credentials as a quality outfit, branded with a clear message, with every member of staff drinking from a company mug. In your customer's work place what would you rather see, the receptionist drinking out of a Robbie Williams mug? A printed cup with your competitors logo on? Or a mug drawing you to latest offers, products or services?

It is more important than ever to make sure you keep your clients and not let the competition in. Keep reminding them you are there, keep telling them how good you are. With a printed mug you can do this for every minute they, and you, are open for business.

Here at Planting Solutions we consider the mug as a great opportunity to promote everything you do, not just for showing your logo. The price of printed mugs, and the minimum quantities you need to order have dropped dramatically over the years. New technologies enable you to action short run campaigns with regular new designs printed and distributed through out the year, not just at Christmas or for shows.

Many promotional mugs will have a company logo and contact details on them. Nothing wrong in that, but here at Planting Solutions we think that our clients expect us to be a little but more creative. Here are some inspirational ideas for your next set of printed mugs...

  • Events Calendar
  • Product List or Individual Products
  • Classic pieces of artwork
  • Custom Cartoons
  • Special Offers
  • Competitions

Remember, not all your mugs in each box need to be the same artwork. We're happy to print up to 3 designs per box of 36 at no extra charge.

Printed mugs, and other brandable product such as mouse mats, clocks and calendars, are essential marking tools for these tough times. Any questions? #justAsk

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