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Texturing material for labels creates interesting and eye catching results and with a 4-color process overprint is suitable for application to a wide variety of containers and products.

The impessed image is created on a die for use with standard label materials. The dies impart specially engraved patterns into the material bringing the possibility of new depth, light and movement to a label. The exclusive, one-of-a-kind special effect can impart density and motion to a design. The dies are made of the highest quality brass or steel, specially manufactured to ensure that fine details are maintained for long-term production.

The patterns or images can cover the whole or specific parts of the print area, providing a overall background or spot texture this provision gives a unique look and feel. The choice of effects could include company logo, product message, or symbol, the design customised as required. The textures and images produced, whether decorative or functional, highlight brand identity and can provide an essential security and safety feature. A cost effective alternative to holograms, it offers a unique substitute to standard foil stamped images, being effective in security and authenticity applications by the use of micro-embossing techniques.

With the existence of numerous similar products plus own brands in the supermarkets, this unique textured effect of the whole or part of a label can achieve distinction, confirming a quality product for the purchaser.

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