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Don't let your competitors take your space!

It is estimated that around 165,000,000 cups of tea and 70,000,000 cups of coffee are consumed in the UK every day, with a large percentage of these being drunk in the work place. Every member of staff has a mug, every guest of the company is offered a drink with many accepting and using a spare mug. During an 8 hour working day, a hot beverage mug will be ever-present on a desk somewhere on business premises. These are all potential 200mm wide, 90mm high advertising spaces.

These miniature billboards are ideally placed to contain messages that promote your business to your existing and potential clients. In your own premises printed mugs should be used to show your credentials as a quality outfit, branded with a clear message, with every member of staff drinking from a company mug. In your customer's work place what would you rather see, the receptionist drinking out of a Robbie Williams mug? A printed cup with your competitors logo on? Or a mug drawing you to latest offers, products or services?

It is more important than ever to make sure you keep your clients and not let the competition in. Keep reminding them you are there, keep telling them how good you are. With a printed mug you can do this for every minute they, and you, are open for business.

Here at Planting Solutions we consider the mug as a great opportunity to promote everything you do, not just for showing your logo. The price of printed mugs, and the minimum quantities you need to order have dropped dramatically over the years. New technologies enable you to action short run campaigns with regular new designs printed and distributed through out the year, not just at Christmas or for shows.

Many promotional mugs will have a company logo and contact details on them. Nothing wrong in that, but here at Planting Solutions we think that our clients expect us to be a little but more creative. Here are some inspirational ideas for your next set of printed mugs...

  • Events Calendar
  • Product List or Individual Products
  • Classic pieces of artwork
  • Custom Cartoons
  • Special Offers
  • Competitions

Remember, not all your mugs in each box need to be the same artwork. We're happy to print up to 3 designs per box of 36 at no extra charge.

Printed mugs, and other brandable product such as mouse mats, clocks and calendars, are essential marking tools for these tough times. Any questions? #justAsk

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